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And sometimes, things just make me smile
Ah. Sleepy Hollow. It's nice to enjoy something for simply being what it is.

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Show or movie? i haven't seen the show, but the movie's great!

*hugs* I hope you're okay ♥

Sleepy Hollow, the show, which is silly and cute and can pull off some amazing twists. :)

I was specifically referencing this video, which didn't come through when I cross posted from Dreamwidth:

As for the movie--I haven't seen it in a long time, but I liked that, too. Can't go wrong with Johnny Depp. :)

I'm doing okay. Hanging in there.I'll be more active online eventually. Thank you for replying--and asking! :)

Sorry for taking forever to reply, I thought I'd watch the vid later and then let it sit back a while ;P Anyway, it's a very good video and the show sure looks great as well!

Good to hear you're doing okay! And it'll be good to see more of you whenever you feel like it, but do however suits you best ^_^ ♥

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